Harbor Foot & Ankle Clinic

Dr. William Tronvig, DPM, F.A.C.F.A.S.

Footprints in the Sand The Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) is the most highly trained health care professional in diagnosing and treating disorders of the foot. Podiatry, more appropriately "podiatric medicine" is a field of healthcare devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and the knee, leg and hip (collectively known as the lower extremity). From warts to bunions to hammertoes to broken bones to diabetic problems and gout, feet can suffer from some painful conditions. These problems can range on a pain scale of 1-10, depending on the condition, and can, in some cases, significantly change the quality of life.


Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing the best possible care to ensure the health of your feet. We believe in giving the patient all the options available and letting you make the choices.

Sports Medicine

Big feet, little feet Sports medicine specializes in preventing, diagnosing and treating injuries related to participating in sports and/or exercise, specifically the rotation or deformation of joints or muscles caused by engaging in such physical activities. The sports medicine "team" includes specialty physicians and surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, other personnel, as well as the athlete himself/herself. Because of the competitive nature of sports, a primary focus of sports medicine is the rapid recovery of patients, which drives many innovations in the field.